Blue Clouds Purple Sky Purple Clouds Clouds & Blue Sky Sweet Peace Window in the Sky Day Chair Night Chair Three Green Eggs Raining Pears 'n Fly Giant Pear Pear 'n Egg Blue Sky II Blue Sky I Blue Sky III Rainy Days and Mondays
30X40" Acrylic on canvas 2010

Cloud Series Statement
The work in this series evolved from the inspiration I took from paintings by Rene Magritte (1898-1967). The challenge was to make a 2-dimensional image look 3-dimensional and to ask the viewer to question the possibility of another reality. Skies, clouds and random objects are the subjects. The series began with random choices of timeless objects I found in my home, ideas, and photographs of places I have visited, placed floating in a cloudy sky. I hope my work tells about my love of making art and captures the interest of the viewer long enough to guess what it might mean.
All of the works in this series are acrylic on canvas. I use Photoshop to manipulate the elements in order to create the composition and relationships that work for the canvas dimensions. I then print the components needed to fit my canvas and transfer the major outlines and details using transfer paper. I usually use the image on my laptop or a print for light, color and shape reference as I paint. The paintings seem to adapt to my ideas and grow in different directions as they progress. Often the finished piece is not at all what I had imagined.