The catalyst for this series was a roll of linen canvas I kept when I closed my art supply store. The initial idea was to paint linens on linen. Linens I & II and Imogene I, II & III were inspired by Imogene Cunningham’s photo, The Unmade Bed. Then more images came to mind. What’s the life of a sheet like? Sometimes sheets look like landscapes. Then I decided to incorporate the figure into the sheets and, Trying to Nap, My Grandchildren’s Feet, My Grandchildren’s Hands emerged. I’m planning to return to this series and work on it until I’ve exhausted all my ideas.

Linens I Linens II Sheet Landscape Sheet Life Self Portrait Imogene I, II & III My Grandchildren's Feet My Grandchildren's Hands My Grandchildren's Hands II Trying to Sleep I Trying to Sleep II Trying to Sleep III Trying to Sleep IV
28X18 Polyptych Acrylic on linen panel 2008